Her Story

Josée Marie Carole Lapointe, Born May 2, 1977 in Kingston, Ontario to Danielle (née Dion) & Roger Lapointe, and big brother Pierre.  Came to Ottawa in 1984.  Graduated from Algonquin College in 2000 after having spent 2 years at Carleton University.  Attainded third level Payroll Manager certification with the Canadian Payroll Association.  Currently working at the National Gallery of Canada.

His Story

James Andrew McOrmond, Born April 8, 1972 in Sudbury, Ontario to Patricia (née Maloney) & Robert McOrmond, big sister Christina (1965-1989), and big brother Russell. Was in Kingston in 1979 he was 7, Josée was 2, it was meant to be even then... Came to Ottawa in 1992. Graduated from Alqonquin College in 1995. Currently at Xandros Corporation.

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